class scenebox.models.assets.Image(id=None, path=None, url=None, uri=None, bytes=None, sensor=None, timestamp=None, session_uid=None, aux_metadata=None, annotations=None)

Create a SceneBox Image asset.

  • id – Optional, string. An identifier that is unique for the image asset throughout SceneBox.

  • path – String. The local path to the image to upload. If not None, url, uri, and bytes should all be None.

  • url – String. The URL of the image to upload. Images must be publicly available. If not None, url, uri, and path should all be None.

  • uri – String. The URI of the image to upload. Can be from a private source. If not None, url, path, and bytes should all be None.

  • bytes – io.BytesIO or bytes, string. The image bytes to upload. If not None, path, url, and uri should all be None.

  • sensor – Optional, string. The sensor associated with the image.

  • timestamp – Optional, either a string or a datetime. The time at which the image was taken.

  • session_uid – Optional, string. The session associated with the image.

  • aux_metadata – Optional, dict. Auxiliary metadata associated with the image.

  • annotations – Optional, List of scenebox Annotation objects. Annotations associated with the image. Each item in the passed list must be of an object of the scenebox.models.annotation classes